A Cloud-hosted, REST-based document-processing and document-viewing API

All REST-compatible languages SDKs in the box: JavaScript, Java, .NET, Delphi


Gnostice StarDocs is a document-processing and document-viewing REST API for use across multiple platforms. It is available as On-Cloud (we host) and On-Premises (you host) editions. In this model, you will not need to embed any library/component into your application, rather you will simply subscribe to the API services and make calls to the Web API to get your work done. You can try both the On-Cloud and On-Premises editions here. The current features include document merge, split, encrypt/decrypt, text redact, conversion between PDF, Word and image formats, and OCR. StarDocs also includes document viewing APIs through which you can easily request an HTML viewer for the uploaded documents. Here's the link to the API documentation.

Who needs StarDocs On-Cloud? Anyone who is looking for platform-agnostic APIs for specific purposes and does not want a full blown shrink-wrapped product that gets embedded into their app. Anyone who would rather use a pay-as-you-go model and looking for a short go-to-market process.
Who needs StarDocs On-Premises? Anyone who has high volumes of document processing and viewing operations happening on one or several apps in their organization and is looking for a ready-made, scalable, centralized, secure, high-capacity server for document processing. Anyone who does not want to transmit/store documents out of their private networks for regulatory compliance or security reasons.




How to view multi-format documents in your...

...Delphi IntraWeb Application

...Delphi UniGUI Application

...ASP.NET MVC Application

....NET Application

...Java Web Application

REST API Architecture


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