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Gnostice eDocEngine VCL Developer Guide
TgtImageSettings Class

This class represents settings for images in output documents.

public TgtImageSettings = class(TPersistent);
public: class TgtImageSettings : public TPersistent;


Specifies whether images are rendered in their original size or made to fit within their display area. 
Specifies whether images are centered in their display area. 
Specifies color depth of images. 
Specifies angle of rotation of images. 
Specifies whether border of images are rendered. 
Specifies quality of rendered images. 
Specifies whether images retain their aspect ratio when their display area does not accommodate them. 
Specifies opacity level of the image. 
Specifies how images are stored in the rendered document. 
Specifies pixel density of images when they are rendered. 
Specifies whether images are stretched. 
Specifies whether images will be transparent.