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Gnostice eDocEngine VCL Developer Guide
gtCstDocEng Namespace
This is the type of OnEmail event handler. 
This is the type of the OnErrorMessage event handler. 
Indicate page elements that need to be rendered by an engine. 
This is the event handler type for certain document-creation engine events
This is the type of the OnCalcVariables event. 
This is the type for the OnCellDraw event handler. 
This is the type of the OnNeedFileName event handler. 
Defines opacity values ranging from 0 to 100, where 0 would represent totally transparency and 100 would represent total opaqueness. 
IgtDocumentEngine types define methods to create content on the current page or document. 
IgtDocumentSettings types define properties and methods that specify settings for content creation. 
This is the base class for all "engine setup" dialogs. 
This class represents border settings of a page. 
This is a base class for eDocEngine components. 
This class represents document information properties. 
This class represents engine settings. 
This class represents the e-mail adaptor component. 
This class represents e-mail settings. 
This class represents the border of a text box or an image. 
This class represents settings for images in output documents. 
This class represents line-drawing settings. 
This class represents page settings. 
This class represents document creation settings. 
This class specifies settings for a table rendered on a page. 
This class represents text-rendering settings. 
This class represents formatting of text elements on a page. 
Indicates position of the background image on pages of a document. 
Indicates the current status of an engine. 
Indicates how text is aligned horizontally. 
Indicates a kind of page element that an engine needs to render. 
Indicates format with which an image is stored in the rendered document. 
Indicates the origin of coordinate space on a page. 
Indicates how text is stroked and filled. 
This class represents how text is rendered with relation to the text baseline. 
Indicates unit types for page-level rendering operations.