Gnostice Document Studio .NET
Xamarin, WinForms, WPF & ASP.NET components to view/print/convert word, spreadsheet, HTML, PDF & image formats

Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017/2019/2022


Gnostice Document Studio .NET supports the following features.

Note: Conversion to PDF is not supported in .NET Core at this point. It is being worked on.

Feature Matrix By Edition

Features By Category
Supported File Formats
Xamarin Document Viewer
WinForms Document Viewer
WPF Document Viewer
ASP.NET Document Viewer
Document Printer
Document Converter
Supported File Formats Free Professional Ultimate
DOC (Read)
PDF (.NET Framework)
  • Fonts - Type 1, Type 2 or CFF, TrueType
  • Images - BMP, JPEG, CCITTFax, JBIG2
  • Text, shapes, images, form fields (static only)
PDF (.NET Standard - .NET Core / Xamarin)
  • Fonts - Type 1, CFF, CID, TrueType
  • Images - 8 BPC BMP, 8 BPC JPEG
  • Compression - Flate
  • Decryption - RC4 (40 bit & 128 bit) and AES (128 bit & 256 bit)
  • Text, shapes, images
Spreadhsheets (Read) - XLS, XLSX, and ODS
Images (.NET Framework) - BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, WMF, EMF, and TIFF
Images (.NET Standard) - BMP, PNG GIF and JPEG
RTF (Write)
HTML (Write)
Components Free Professional Ultimate
  • Mobile Application Development Controls
    • Xamarin Document Viewer
    • Document Converter
    • Document Mail-merge
  • Desktop Application Development Controls
    • WinForms Document Viewer
    • WPF Document Viewer
    • Document Printer
    • Document Converter
    • Document Mail-merge
  • Web Application Development Controls
    • ASP.NET Document Viewer
Only the Desktop WinForms viewer Everything except Web Application Developement Controls
Xamarin Document Viewer Free Professional Ultimate
Load from streams  
Gestures - Swipe, Pan and Double-tap.  
Page layouts - Continuous: Single-page, Two-page, Fit-to-window  
Page Navigation - First-page, Previous-page, Next-page, Last-page, Goto-page  
Zoom - Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Fit-width, Fit-height, Custom-zoom (unlimited)  
Rotation - Specific pages and all pages  
WinForms Document Viewer Free Professional Ultimate
Load from files
Load from streams
Navigate pages using toolbar, scroll bars, mouse, keyboard
Select to zoom
Rotate individual or all pages
Rotate individual or all pages
WPF Document Viewer Free Professional Ultimate
Load from files  
Load from streams  
Navigate pages using toolbar & mouse  
Select to zoom  
ASP.NET Document Viewer Free Professional Ultimate
  • Supports both WebForms and MVC (Razor and ASPX engines)
  • Responsive HTML5 viewer (No browser plugin required; Compatible with all modern browsers)
Server-side control with full CSS and JavaScript scripting support for end-user interactivity - open a local document, navigate pages, download document, print document, change page magnification, obtain page number, and process events    
Load documents from files and streams    
Customizable look & feel - ability to specify rendering resolution, configure toolbar functionality (print, open, download), and visible controls (navigation, page magnification, file operations).    
Optional client-side printing and file download (as PDF, DOCX, HTML, TIFF).    
Document Printer Free Professional Ultimate
High-resolution printing  
Exposed PrintDocument object through DocumentPrinter class  
Page Resizing - Original, Fit, ShrinkOverSizedPages  
Page Positioning - Centered, Original  
Page Orientation - Portrait, Landscape  
Page Auto Rotation  
Print page sub ranges (All, even, odd and custom-selected pages)  
Load from File  
Load from stream  
Document Converter Free Professional Ultimate
Convert from DOCX/DOC/XLS/XLSX/ODS/XPS/TXT ====> PDF/HTML/RTF/TXT/Image formats  
Convert from PDF ====> DOCX format
(with intelligent page elements reconstruction for paragraphs, tables, sections, alignments…)
Convert from PDF ====> HTML/TXT/Image format
Convert from scanned Image/PDF ====> Searchable PDF  
Convert from images ====> DOCX/DOC/PDF/RTF/HTML/Image formats  
Create PDF portfolio from any set of input documents, images and other files  
Load from file  
Load from stream  
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