A Cloud-hosted, REST-based document-processing and document-viewing API

All REST-compatible languages SDKs in the box: JavaScript, Java, .NET, Delphi

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You can send an e-mail to support at or use our online feedback form to send us support queries.

StarDocs On-Premises Virtual Appliance Download

The server is packaged as a self-contained Virtual Appliance and can be hosted on VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox or any virtualization platform that supports the open OVF/OVA format.

Please download the zip file, unpack it and follow the instructions in the included PDF file to host the appliance.

StarDocs On-Premises API Virtual Appliance (~2 GB)

Deployment Instructions

SDK Downloads and Demos

Language SDK Demo
Java JAR Download (Source on GitHub) n/a
JavaScript SDK on GitHub Live Demo
C# (.NET) SDK on NuGet n/a
Delphi SDK on GitHub n/a

API Docs

Reference documentation for the REST API is available at here.


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November 2017
Using StarDocs with UniGUI

Easily add a multi-format document viewer to your Delphi UniGUI web app

October 2016
Convert scanned documents to searchable PDF using Web APIs

Scanned images or PDF files to searchable PDF files

August 2016
Configuring the StarDocs On-Premises API server

Using the StarDocs On-Premises Administration Console, setting up secure end-points and more

July 2016
Encrypting/Decrypting your PDF file using Web APIs

Password-protect your PDF files or remove protection

June 2016
Form-filling in your web apps using Web APIs

Fill PDF forms and finalize them with ease

June 2016
Using StarDocs with Delphi and IntraWeb

Creating a multiformat document viewer with Web APIs using Delphi and IntraWeb

June 2016
Redacting text from PDF files in your web apps using Web APIs

Remove sensitive data from your PDF files

May 2016
Getting started with Gnostice StarDocs Cloud and On-Premises APIs

Basics of working with StarDocs

May 2016
Introduction to Gnostice StarDocs Cloud and On-Premises APIs

Document processing and viewing API on the cloud

May 2016
Viewing PDF and image files in your web apps using Web APIs

Get an HTML5 viewer in 10 lines of code!

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