PDFtoolkit VCL 5
Edit, enhance, secure, merge, split, view, print, digitally sign PDF and AcroForms documents

Delphi C++Builder


Features provided by PDFtoolkit VCL are listed here. (For system requirements, click here.)

Feature Matrix

Features By Category
General Features, I/O and Security Support
Document Enhancement
Document Modification and Re-organization
Document Management
Acroforms Processing (PDF eForms)
Document Search and Extraction
Document Viewing, Printing, Searching and Converting
General Features, I/O and Security Support ProPlus
Email after saving to file
Embed TrueType fonts
Load from file and memory stream
Read password protected documents (requires password)
Reset component - Unload document and free all used resources
Run-time setup dialog
Save to file and memory stream
Save to HTTP response
Secure with password using 40bit and 128bit Encryption
Subset fonts to reduce file size
Support for all character sets - Eastern Europe, Chinese, Japanese…
Unicode support for text annotations
Unicode support for Watermarks, document information and bookmarks
Use TrueType fonts
Document Enhancement ProPlus
Activate links in page content [http://, ftp://, e-mail and file://]
Add digital signatures
Attach files (any file type)
Build document Outline (TOC)
Draw simple HTML text [Tags supports: <font>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <strikeout>]
Draw Text on the page [Horizontal and Vertical text]
Insert annotations [Text, FreeText, Line, Square, Circle, Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, Strikeout, Stamp, Ink]
Insert Bookmarks in content (Link annotation)
Insert page Header and Footer
Insert watermarks with text and images [Horizontal and Vertical text]
Page number stamping
Set custom thumbnails for each page
Set document and page events
Set presentation features [Page Transition]
Set various Actions to Annotations [URI, GoTo, GoToR, Launch, JavaScript]
Set various Actions to Bookmarks [URI, GoTo, GoToR, Launch, JavaScript]
Variables support for Watermark and Draw Text [Time, Date, Page number, Total Pages]
Document Modification and Re-organization ProPlus
Add and Edit existing Outline items with unlimited nesting levels (TOC)
Append pages from one document to end of another
Delete existing Outline items
Delete pages from document
Extract pages from documents and create new ones
Insert new blank page
Insert pages from one document to another
Mask area on page
Merge multiple documents
Modify document information fields [Author, Subject, Title, Keywords.
Stitch pages [on top, side-by-side]
Write XMP metadata of document (custom document information)
Document Management ProPlus
ASCII encode document (ASCII85 and ASCIIHex)
Change user permissions (requires owner password)
Change viewing page layout
Compress document
Decompress document
Set and edit viewer preferences
Acroforms Processing (PDF eForms) ProPlus
Delete form fields
Edit Form field attributes
Flatten form fields
Full access to form field attributes [Name, Description, Type, Allowed values...]
Insert new form fields
Read and Fill form field values
Document Search and Extraction ProPlus
Extract all page content as Text, Graphic, Pattern objects with properties
Extract pages and save as new document
Extract Text (plain strings without formatting)
Extract Text Formatted (plain text with basic formatting)
Get page properties [Size, Mediabox, Cropbox, Rotation]
Programmatic text search
Read document information [Author, Subject, Title, Keywords...]
Read XML Metadata of document
Document Viewing, Printing, Searching and Converting ProPlus
(Viewer) Interactive form-filling
(Viewer) Select region and export to clipboard and image formats
(Viewer) User interaction modes - Hand, Select, Zoom, Snapshot and Highlight
(Viewer) User-defined widgets for PDF page elements
Bookmark panel component
Printer component
Render PDF to Canvas and convert to JPEG, BMP and (single and multi-page) TIFF
Search panel component
Viewer component

System Requirements

The following IDEs are supported.

10 SeattleYesYesYesNo
10.1 BerlinYesYesYesNo
10.2 TokyoYesYesYesNo
10.3 RioYesYesYesNo
10.4 SydneyYesYesYesNo

Other Software Requirements

* - In case gdiplus.dll file is already present, do not attempt to overwrite it, as this action will conflict with Windows system file protection feature.

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